Vice President of Recruitment, Allen Griffin


Incoming Freshman,

First off, we the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon would like to welcome to Austin Peay State University. Secondly, we would like to congratulate you on pursuing a great decision to go Greek at Austin Peay. Check out a list of our upcoming formal rush week events:

August 27 - Greek Showcase
UC Ballrooms - 12:00-2:00 PM & 5:00-7:00 PM

August 31 - IFC Orientation
UC Ballrooms - 6:30 PM

September 1 - Event Night #1
Various Locations - 5:00 PM

September 2 - Event Night #2
Various Locations - 5:00 PM

September 3 - Event Night #3
Various Locations - 5:00 PM

September 4 - Interview Night
UC Locations - 5:00 PM

September 5 - Bid Day
Red Barn - 1:00 PM

As more information releases, we will publish them here and on social media. Make sure to join us during these nights. Rush SigEp!

Apply for the $1,000 Balanced Man Scholarship


Incoming Freshman, apply for the $1,000 Balanced Man Scholarship today! The Balanced Man Scholarship (BMS) originated in 1990 at the University of Cincinnati Chapter, as a way to attract men of Sound Mind and Sound Body, while rewarding them for espousing the ideals of the Fraternity. Today, over 200 chapters use the BMS to identify balanced men to join SigEp. The scholarship also reinforces SigEp’s commitment to "Building Balanced Men" by helping to recognize exceptional undergraduates. Applicants and scholarship recipients are not required to join the Fraternity, though many choose to after they become familiar with the organization.

Interviews for the Balanced Man Scholarship will be held during formal rush week on Interview Night. Interviewing applicants also serves to build relationships between the chapter and potential new members, which is critical to the recruitment process.

Chapters typically honor recipients and finalists at a banquet on campus, where they can invite parents, faculty members and guest speakers. The scholarship recognizes the achievements of hundreds of balanced men across the country each year. Chapters also use the opportunity to recognize their own outstanding members who exemplify the ideals of the Balanced Man.

Apply today!